International Conference on Computer Vision - Instructions for Poster Presentations

Boards will be provided for all poster sessions. They will measure 4' tall x 6' wide (120 cm x 180 cm). Push tacks and/or velcro will be available to tack your poster to the board.

The title of your poster should appear at the TOP in CAPITAL letters about 25mm (1") high. Below the title, put the author(s)' name(s) and affiliation(s).

We suggest that the flow of your poster be downward in columns, starting at the TOP LEFT and ending at the BOTTOM RIGHT. Arrows can be used to lead your viewer through the poster.

You may bring additional small battery-operated audio or visual aids to enhance your presentation. If your equipment needs to be charged prior to the session, please notify the conference desk.

It is our plan to supply VCR's and monitors to the poster presenters if they are needed. If you will require a VCR/monitor please contact Dr. Sharat Chandran ( by December 15 so that we can arrange for the number required.

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